Friday, February 24, 2017

cycle safety


  1. Hello Deegan. I really enjoyed reading your classes slide especially yours. We did some cycle safety with Constable Teri and Constable Jos. What were the road rules? Maybe you could change the spelling about a few words and instead of saying yesterday you could say the date of when you did it.

  2. Hello Deegan. I really like how you explained how much money you could get fined. Constable Terry came to our school and taught us about Cycle Safety.
    have you ever ridden without a helmet? from Emily (Do you remember me from leadership camp?)

  3. Hi deegen. I really liked how you told us about cycle safety. It reminded me of when i was reading a book last year about cycle safety. maybe next time you could add a bit more on to your report or writing. if you liked to see my work check out and if you liked to see what is happening in my class room check out this


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